CWB Div 2:





Ferrous and nonferrous material

  How it Works

  • CWB 47.1 DIV. 2 for ferrous and Stainless steel materials with the following welding methods:

    • SMAW – Shielded Metal Arc Welding
    • GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    • FCAW – Flux Cored Arc Welding
    • GMAW – Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • We have a large modular welding/fabrication weather protected area arranged to accommodate almost any size job. We also offer remote solutions with our mobile unit along with manual plasma cutting up to 1” plate.
  • We have bending, shearing and rolling capabilities, contact us to discuss your projects needs.
  • We have experience assembling customers components to their approved standards.
  • We offer acid cleaning of our fabricated parts made from aluminum for a bright shiny finish as requested.
  • We have experience in Marine, Railway, New Construction, Renewables, R&D, oil and gas and more.

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