3 tables:

- 77” x 175” 3 Axis

- 65” x 150” 5 Axis

Any Material

Zero Heat

  How it Works

  • Waterjets use extreme water pressure (60 000psi) to convey very fine abrasive through any material, from rubber to stainless steel, or plastics, woods, and all aluminums, making waterjets more versatile than plasma and laser cutters with no heat related impact to the products being cut.  This ensures that the properties and structure of the material are preserved intact, while the parts show no warping, no heat affected zone which makes any second operation easier and more effective.  The edge of the cut, or kerf, also maintains a better quality through all metals with waterjets than laser or plasma, especially on bevel cuts, aka 5 axis cuts, generating an accurate fit with meeting parts and a better overall aesthetic on the finished product.  The only challenging products are laminated materials, auto/safety glass and acrylic, while the former delaminates when the jet pierces through the material, the latter simply cracks because it proves too brittle for this process. 
  • ACE is equipped with three waterjets, each featuring an EVO hydraulic pump known for their reliability and durability, all combined with our DMC deburring machine to assure precise and beautifully finished parts.
    1 – 3 Axis table that can accommodate material 77”x 175”
    2 – 5 Axis tables that can accommodate material 65” x 150”
  • Due to its precision cutting abilities, we can create unique product solutions, talk to us about your need, we may be able to assist you in the creation of the part.

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