High volume

Tight tolerances

Max Diameter 32mm

12’ Bar feeder

Only one in Eastern Canada

4 X faster than CNC

  How it Works

  • Ace has the only Tornos SWISS Lathe east of Montreal, its high volume, tight tolerances make it perfect for high volume work.
  • Our machine has a 12’ bar feeder unit that can accommodate a max diameter of 32mm.
  • Swiss machines are generally 4 -12 times faster than conventional CNC.
  • Sliding headstock lathe, dual spindle, thread rolling and polygonal capabilities.
  • Swiss machines are fast and rigid, with no tool deflection on OD tools since material is pushed thru the tool instead of the tool moving.
  • Swiss machines use “live tools” and can do short and long parts with ease.
  • Parts exit the machine complete.

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