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Ace handles traditional CNC (3 axis) and 5 Axis simultaneous milling/turning for one-and-done parts. CNC is faster than traditional milling and turning…


Waterjets use 60,000 psi to cut materials like rubber, stainless steel, plastics, woods, and aluminum, without heat impact…

Swiss Machining

Ace’s exclusive Tornos SWISS Lathe east of Montreal is perfect for high-volume work. It has a 12′ bar feeder accommodating max 32mm diameter…

Manual (Lathe and Milling)

Ace has the capability to handle a variety of machining jobs sizes using one of its 10 milling and 10 lathes machines…                     


Ace has a total of 7 saws, 5 of which are band saws and 2 that are cold saws, giving us the flexibility to cut a variety of material…


We offer bending, shearing, and rolling capabilities. Contact us to discuss your project needs. We also assemble customer components to approved standards…


We can laser engrave materials with incredible detail to your custom specs/logo, ensuring durability and lasting sharpness…

CAD services using  SolidWorks 

We offer in-house design to transform your concepts into SolidWorks models, enabling you to review before production.

Other arranged services

Painting, Galvanizing, Anodizing, Heat Treating, Stress Relieving, Part deburring, Quality reports using in-house CMM. Ask about other services…

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